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We are contactable on our phone (09 4381634) or email (enquiry@bmworks.co.nz) and are available 9am – 4.30pm Mondays to Fridays, for enquiries & bookings

Betta Motoring Tips 

Safety Check

As we come into the holiday period, remember to check your vehicle is up to date on all its servicing. If you would like we can perform a 12 Point Safety check on your vehicle to ensure that it is ready for your Summer Motoring.


It is also a good idea to check items like coolant and air-conditioning, which may be due for servicing. Contact us on (09) 438 1634 to book your vehicle in for its Safety check before Christmas.



It is a good idea to run your air-conditioning regularly, even if just for a short time to keep the system in good condition, as if left unused it can require sanitising or deodorising to remove a build-up of micro-organisms.

Is your vehicle ready for the winter season?

Winter conditions can be harder on your vehicle with cooler, wetter weather and less daylight hours.


Remember to get your:

  • Tyres

  • Air-conditioning

  • Brakes

  • Anti-freeze/anti-corrosion

  • Windscreen wipers

  • Batteries etc checked before you get caught out.


Give us a call to book your vehicle in for its Winter Safety check.